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We’ve planted more
than 25.000 trees!

Conscious Hotels is working towards a planet greener than Kermit the frog. We’re all about sustainability; from our hotels and restaurants to every operation we run. Without forgetting to stimulate the senses through style, taste and quality. Next to that, we’ve been planting trees since 2018 for every direct booking we receive. Over 25.000 trees have already been planted, and we’re just getting started!

Say what?

From 2018 until now, we’ve donated to several tree planting projects. We’ve already worked with The Pollinators, Trees for All and Sustainably Run to make our green dreams come true. We’re currently working together with Hotels for Trees, with whom we plant around 5.000 trees yearly! Isn’t that tree-tastic?

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Why is that?

We want to reduce our Ecological Footprint and make the planet greener. Our ultimate goal is to provide our guests with planet positive stays. Our trees are a big contribution to this. Trees are like the superheroes of nature; they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise soil, and they give life to the world’s wildlife. So, we would say they’re worth the investment.

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The whereabouts?

Hey tree-hugger! Bet you’re curious about where your donation ends up, right? We’ve got trees in different locations. We keep it local with trees in the Netherlands, but we’ve also got trees planted abroad, even in Tanzania!  At least half of the trees we plant on a yearly basis, with Hotels for Trees, are placed in The Netherlands. They make a huge impact wherever they go.

How do I join the movement?

Want to be a tree planter yourself? Just book directly with Conscious Hotels! Whether it’s a delicious dinner at Riot Restobar or Bar Kantoor, a cool meeting room, hosting an event with us, or a cosy hotel stay: you’ll be making the planet greener with every booking. Look at you, superhero!

Our progress
in time

Donated to The Pollinators and planted 1.000 trees.

Each year The Pollinators have a campaign called “Treevember”. During Treevember, the development of food forests takes the centre stage. Together, they create a wonderful living environment for not only pollinating species and humans, but for everything that lives in the soil.

Donated to The Pollinators and Trees for All and planted 2.016 trees.

The world needs more trees. For a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions. That’s why Trees for All is collaborating with several organizations to plant forests in the Netherlands and abroad.

Donated to The Pollinators and Sustainability Run and planted 3.687 trees.

The initiatives of Sustainably Run allow guests to plant GiftTrees to counterbalance the environmental impact of their meal. The GiftTrees improve health, generate income, provide sustainable food & living and repairs Eco Systems for communities around the world.

Donated to The Pollinators and Sustainability Run and planted 3.325 trees.

We’re proud of all the trees we’ve already planted, and we’re not stopping here. We’re on our way to create more and more trees.

Donated to Trees for All and planted 250 trees. Started our partnership with Hotels for trees.

We started our partnership with Hotels for Trees. We planted around 5.000 trees this year.

Over 20.000 trees planted!

In 2023 we hit the 23.000 mark. And we are hungry for more!

For a greener planet,



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